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A Midnight Dance

Clothed in only the skin I was born with,

My soul soars freely in the light of the moon.

I leave behind the darkness of my earthly trials,

Knowing I will return to them all too soon.

I leave behind the bondage of possibility,

Allow myself to wallow in my own desire.

I clear my mind of other people's perceptions,

Fanning my freedom like the flames of a fire.

I search for harmony, for peaceful co-existance,

For insight and understanding of the fruit I bore.

Naked only in the corners of my heart and mind,

Free from the chains of vunerability that I once wore.

No longer do I wear my heart upon my sleeve for display,

Nor do I wait for others to confirm what I should feel.

Letting my soul wander freely in the light of the moon,

Exploring all the many emotions that are so real.

Dianna Doles Petry


"Eileen" Sung by Daniel O'Donnell

CopyrightęDaniel O'Donnell