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Into The Night
I closed my eyes just to feel his touch,
To imagine his arms around me and I sigh.
A soft and gentle sigh for what I miss so much,
Thinking of our love can make me cry.

The heat of passion fills my heart this night,
As my emotions drift back into the past.
We fit together perfectly and it felt so right,
Our mutual desire was to make it all last.

Life has a way of letting reality slip away,
While the flame of passion burns hot and long.
It's hard to think about money or what to say,
When it seems perfect and nothing is wrong.

A long flowing gown meant for only his eyes,
Arms to hold me while I peacefully sleep.
Yearning for a moment that holds no surprise,
With no strings attached or commitments to keep.

Looking back into the moment of the afterglow,
Cheeks were flushed and hearts wildly beating,
Letting our hearts decide where we would go;
Into the night with two bodies that were over heating.

Lying alone, I think of what lies ahead,
Slumber finally comes to fill the night with dreams.
I smile when I remember the loving things he once said,
I was his world for that moment in time as distant as it now seems.

I wouldn't trade one single minute that we shared,
Not one single laugh would I hand back if I had a choice.
It gives me comfort just knowing that he cared,
I felt peace fill my soul at the sound of his voice.

Passion and desire took away the battle scars,
Left us eager to have just one more day that good.
Nights sitting quietly, just looking up at the stars,
Sharing thoughts, knowing they were understood.

Closing my eyes, I relax and feel his touch,
I hear him whisper my name as he strokes my hair.
Reliving a moment when we cared so much,
Falling asleep knowing that he's out there somewhere.

Dianna 2002