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Hello, I'm Dianna and I was born in West Virginia and still call it my home. I love to share my thoughts on life and the world around me with anyone who cares to read my poetry. I have written a book of short stories titled, "Memories...real life stories of growing up in the mountains" and I have my first collection of poetry in the final stages of publication right now. Please feel free to browse my site and offer me feedback on how I might improve my work or give me new ideas.


Dianna Doles Petry

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The Tiny Angel

She was born into the world so innocent,

She should have been a mother's dream come true.

She only wanted to please and to be loved,

She tried to be good but never knew just what to do.

Just a little girl that should have been giggling,

All too soon her dreams were shattered and crushed.

She was content to make believe with her "Barbies,"

One blow of her father's fist left her forever hushed.

Her mother cried out in pain and agony,

She never expected his anger to end this way.

She had believed that his drinking and hostilities,

Would steal her own life away some day.

Instead, he had taken the only joy in her life,

Leaving the guilt of knowing she couldn't stop the pain.

Her little angel had paid the ultimate price,

There was nothing left in life for her to gain.

Just a little child born innocent and free,

A problem that he just wanted to send far away.

Everything was such a burden in his life,

All she wanted was to be able to run and play.

A little heart stopped beating and hurting that night,

Just for asking for a bite of something to eat.

She's an angel sitting upon a cloud in heaven now,

Knowing that soon, it's her own mother that she'll greet.

Dianna© 2003

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