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The Storyteller
A gift from Jules

We go through our day getting the kids off to school,
Wishing husband's a "Great Day" at work,
Playing with our pets, working hard at the office.

But during that day, we wait anxiously for a visit from the Storyteller,
She comes everyday, rain or shine, sick or busy,
And captures our attention, and our hearts, with stories of old.

Every great family has a Storyteller,
The one that reminds us of how things SHOULD be,
The one who uses words to describe smells and memories that become so real, you feel like you are right there in the story.
Living it! Feeling it!

She tells us of her youth,
Memories of simpler days when sitting on a front porch swing,
To feel the afternoon breeze, was the highlight of the day.
When being a kid was fun!

Stories of how the simple but painful act of having her hair curled with rags,
Was a beautiful memory spent with her grandmother.
And how special Sunday suppers were, especially after a morning of Worship.
Helping to cut the biscuits Grandma kneeded, was an honor!

She tells stories of pain. Stories of love. Sometimes both, one in the same.
Stories of loneliness and emptiness, and stories of feeling "trapped."

The Storyteller holds us in her hands, everyday!
We smile when she comes in and we can't wait to hear her words of wisdom and her family adventures. Though she is but a young woman, she has endured much.

Many times, the Storyteller has come with sadness but always holds her head up high as she praises a Higher Power for blessing her with her family and friends, and challenges us to do the same.

As we listen to her stories, she quietly praises each one of us and inspires us to do great things. Then, when she knows we can go back to our daily chores and duties, she slips away, leaving us feeling fulfilled and loved, 'till tomorrow.


Tomorrow we will kiss the kids, say kind words to our loved ones, play with our pets...and wait; wait patiently for the Storyteller to arrive. Wait patiently to be reminded of days when watching Fire-Flies and playing in the dirt, barefooted, was the best feeling in the world.
Wait patiently, for Dianna, our Storyteller, to arrive.