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His Thoughts
Lying in the darkness, he thinks of her touch,
Her sweet caress, her warm breath on his cheek.
He longs to protect her, he loves her so much,
Seeing her undress leaves him breathless and weak.

He holds her in his arms as she sleeps,
Reliving moments spent while she was awake.
She is a dream lover, a fantasy he plans to keep,
The love she so freely gives, he will never forsake.

Nuzzling against her, he whispers into her ear,
His heart is lost in the magic of the night.
He pulls her close to his chest to feel her near,
Hanging onto the love that feels so perfect and right.

Gently, he brushes her hair away from her face,
Dreading the morning light that will come around.
By tomorrow, tonight will be only a memory of this place,
Of indulging in the consuming love they have found.

They will be together again as soon as they can,
To laugh, love and share their days.
A couple in love, a woman and a man,
Hand-in-hand to get through each long day.

Dianna 2003