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He tells me that I'm beautiful,
That no one could ever take my place.
So why must he always close his eyes,
When we're locked in love's embrace?
He tells me that I'm special,
That no one else compares to me.
So why do I find him thinking of her,
Instead of enjoying his time with me?
He tells me that he needs me,
That I feel his heart with love and pride.
So why can't he leave his memories alone,
Push thoughts of yesterdays aside?
He tells me that I'm beautiful,
I know he believes that in his heart.
But he's looking for what he lost,
When she tore his world apart.
I listen when he tells me those lies,
Let him hold me while he cries inside.
He needs some comfort in his life,
I need a place where I can hide.
He tells me the things I need to hear,
But I know they're only words to say.
He's not over the one that hurt him,
I'll pay the price with my heart one day.
Dianna Doles Petry 2003
This webset designed exclusively for Dianna by Claudia's Collection 2003