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The Carnival
The signs had been posted on poles all around,
The James H. Drew show was coming to town.
I couldn't wait for those few days in May,
Money was tight but my dad found a way.

He knew how much I loved the carousel,
I guess my excitement showed on my face well.
The hand carved, wooden horses were to me,
As precious as any thing in life could be.

Around and around we would both ride,
Him holding me tightly as he stood by my side.
I felt so regal and so very content,
Each of those days were very well spent.

We bonded together on the big Ferris Wheel,
To many it wouldn't seem like much of a deal.
Sitting up on top, looking over the town,
I loved being there and the feeling going down.

Some things a child just never lets die,
Just thinking of those days can make me cry.
Life was so simple, at least for me,
I had no idea what his life in the mines must be.

He worked hard, mining coal for his pay,
But he spent the cash with pleasure that day.
One full day each year at some point in May,
I still love a carousel, I collect them these days.

Sometimes I spin them and go back through the ages,
Like a scrapbook, I like to look through the pages.
From being a child, carefree and innocent,
To days when my energy has already been spent.

A carousel is something that all should enjoy,
It can bring a smile to the face of any girl or boy.
Time spent together experiencing simple pleasures,
Can never be replaced with extravagant measures.

Dianna 2002