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To My Children

Walk tall and be proud of who you are,
For you carry generations of dreams inside.
You are a flower who will continue to bloom,
Each new blossom fills me with great pride.

Reach for the stars and grab the brass ring,
Let your dreams taking you soaring high.
Trust your instincts, choose to move forward,
Don't feel that you need to explain why.

Remember that your life is a canvas,
Your actions will end up on public display.
Respect your dignity, integrity and values,
Without those, you might go astray.

Each day of your life is a journey,
Life will give you triumph's to warm your heart.
Life will also give you many tribulations,
Sometimes tearing your soul apart.

Each man and woman follows the same path,
Each searching for something to make them complete.
You hold the key to molding your own destiny,
Using it wisely is no small feat.

I see myself reflected in your eyes,
The childish part of me has taken refuge there.
You are the love and life that made me complete,
You make the world a better place to share.

When my time on earth has come to an end,
Don't cry over the things you will miss with me.
Let your memories of our time together,
Bring a smile to your face for the world to see.

Walk tall and be proud of who you are,
Of all that you've learned and all that you've done.
If I had been given a choice of which child I wanted,
You can rest assured, you would have been the one.

Dianna 2003