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Sometimes we come to a place in our lives where we really need a friend. Not too long ago, I wrote a poem and I cried when I got a response back from my friend. She was going through a very difficult time in her life. The poem below is how the finished product between the two of us turned out. My original poem is written in black, my friend's response is in blue. Please let me know what you think.
                     Love, Dianna
Comfort From A Friend
I sat down beside you, tried to act so naturally,
Tears that filled your eyes were all that I could see.
I pretended not to notice your faltering speech,
You kept your trembling hands out of my reach.
I sat down alongside you, trying to act so naturally,
Holding back the tears that I didn't want you to see.
I hoped you didn't notice the faltering of my speech,
And weren't offended that for your hand I didn't reach.

There are no words to comfort you right now,
I've searched in vain to make it better somehow.
I can only be the one to hold you while you cry,
It's hard to find yourself when a lover says good-bye.
Your words are such a comfort to me right now,
Truly they make me feel a bit better somehow.
Your presence warms my heart and I cry,
As I digest the knowledge that my marriage is good-bye.

You talked to me and let those teardrops flow,
You felt like you were dying inside, I know.
All I could do was listen and try to help you see,
If he only breaks your heart, it wasn't meant to be.
Now I talk to you and I let teardrops fall,
For I am dying inside and must share with you, I know.
I have listened to you and you have helped me to see,
That he is breaking my heart and that it isn't meant to be.

In every life there will be joy mixed with some pain,
You have to keep on going just the same.
Just when you think you can't do this anymore,
Something wonderful will stumble to your door.
In my life there is much joy amid the pain,
And I shall keep going on just the same.
And I'll pray that when I can not do this anymore,
Something wonderful will stumble through the door.

I know you didn't want me to see you cry,
Your anguish showed through with each soft sigh.
Just remember that I'll always be your friend,
I'll stay right here with you until you smile again.
No, I didn't want you to ever see me cry,
Nor ever hear the anguish that swells within my sigh.
But know that I'll remember that you will always be my friend,
And knowing you are right here with me allows me too smile again.

Dianna 2003
Ruthi replied 2003
Music playing is Just The Way You Are
                       Billy Joel