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Yesterday, I dreamed of becoming a success,
Making millions of dollars that I could save.
I dreamed of wearing a designer dress,
Of getting far more back from life than I gave.

Yesterday, I dreamed of finding fame,
Needing a bodyguard to escort me around.
I wanted everyone to know me by name,
To soar like an eagle far above the ground.

Today, I dream of just waking up tomorrow,
Making breakfast for two giggling boys.
I dream of erasing some of the world's sorrow,
Giving children a Christmas filled with toys.

Today, I've grown up and matured with age,
I know what matters and what does not.
Each year of my life is just the turning of a page,
I have to be thankful for the things that I've got.

Today, I realize that I have been blessed,
It isn't just a dream, I have a family.
I keep them all warm and decently dressed,
Life is about far more than just me.

Tomorrow, I want to dream about the past,
I want to play in the rain and smile.
I want to make the good things in my life last,
To live for the moment for just a short while.

I've been dreaming my whole life through,
Changing goals as I've gone through the years.
If I could, I would film each one of them for you,
So that you could see all the things I hold dear.

Dianna Doles Petry 2002