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WWAUS Friendship
It's true that diversity builds character,
I know that it's made me feel very strong.
Even when life has thrown me curveballs,
I just kept trudging right along.

I kept looking for the positive every day,
Even when the world seemed very bleak.
But I made up my mind to continue to learn,
Not allowing my spirit to fade or grow weak.

It was then that I found solitude,
I felt content that I had found my place.
I didn't need to keep searching for pleasure,
It was as close as a friend's smiling face.

The trials of life have served to show me,
To appreciate the blessings that come my way.
Your friendship is right at the top of that list,
I look forward to hearing from you each day!

Dianna 2002
My Online Friend
There is a lady on line,
Who is a friend of mine.
She shares her soul to make us laugh,
Gives from her heart, morning to night.

She is never too busy for a friend,
She is always there and always ready to help.
I have never met such a wonderful soul and
I'm honored that she has crossed my path in this life time.
She has enriched my days with her stories,
She has made my heart feel joy and my eyes fill with tears of laughter.
She has touched my very soul with her stories and her love she has given freely to all that she knows.

If I had the power to declare a Holiday, I would name this day for her, The Dianna Day of Joy.
Thank you for being a part of my life and for being my friend.

Written by Bonnie