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The Front Porch
We were sitting on the front porch one day,
When my grandfather said to me,
"Child, you're so innocent right now,
But someday soon you'll see.
Life and love aren't really simple things,
We can't live without them somehow."
I looked up at my grand dad, with eyes that didn't understand.
I questioned him about many things, he just smiled and patted my hand.
I couldn't imagine it could get any better, than it was that very day,
With flowers and fresh air all around us.
But this is what he had to say;
"It hasn't been an easy road for her, she's worked hard all of her life.
I promised her so much more than this, when I asked her to be my wife.
Nine children and fifty years later, she still faces work and strife.
I wanted to build her a home filled with things, like satin dresses and diamond rings."
My grandmother stepped outside then and gently touched my face.
I could tell that she wanted nothing more,
Than just to have us in her space.
She looked at the two of us, swinging and sharing thoughts,
And softly she said to us;
"There's no where I would rather be,
Than right here in this old place.
We might not have the finest things,
But it never was a race.
I never wanted a diamond ring,
I don't need to be wined and dined."
I was only eight years old, but I knew right then and there,
It's what I wanted for my own life, someone who would always care.
Our hair will someday turn to gray, wrinkles will line our face,
Those aren't the things that matter, it's just being in the right place.
They never had a fancy car, they didn't need things like this,
They loved each other through thick and thin, ending each day with a kiss.
He left this world before she did, but in her heart he still lived,
She put flowers on his grave each week, it was all that she could give.