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Never Say Good-bye
I won't say the words to you that I hate to hear,
Even though I know that our time to part is near.
Words alone cannot express the emotion I feel,
Giving you up was not a part of the deal.

We built a friendship through the years,
You held my hand and helped to dry my tears.
So many of life's lessons, you helped me learn,
You gave me more love than I ever earned.

I used to try to find all the things I lacked,
You told me to move forward without looking back.
The most important things in life, you cannot see,
Like the confidence and eagerness you gave back to me.

So I promise you that I won't say good-bye.
I'll laugh when I think of you, I won't cry.
I will search for the sunshine behind the clouds,
Try to live each day in a way to make you proud.

I won't say the words to you that I hate to hear,
You'll never be forgotten, please don't fear.
Anytime I feel the tears begin to fall down my face,
I'll think of you and a big smile will take their place.

Dianna 2003