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A Touch Of Kindness
Each day, I try to fill her world with kindness,
I try to forget that her memory is nearly gone now.
I help her to find a laugh by dancing with a doll,
I do it faithfully, as though I've taken a vow.

Somehow she got lost within her own soul,
There is no set beginning or ending to her days.
Her hair is gray, her steps are slow now,
I look at her and it touches my heart in so many ways.

A few moments of kindness is all that I can give her,
Sometimes it feels like I'm letting her down.
I wish we could go shopping together,
Or she would want one more night out on the town.

Those things just don't matter to her anymore,
Not when she exists in her own realm of living.
I know she didn't mean to forget simple things in our lives,
She used to be so very thoughtful and giving.

She has stumbled and is falling like a sunset,
Gradually fading out of view and leaving things dark.
She is what's left of a life built around her children,
That's the way she managed to make her mark.

I pray that she slips off to sleep quietly,
That in her slumber she will draw a final breath of life.
She can leave the darkness that is closing in around her,
To go be with the man that chose her for his wife.

One final touch of kindness, it seems so little to ask,
Even though we have no choice with our fate.
I will stand by her until it's over, no matter how long it takes,
Knowing that she is sure to see Heaven's gates.

Dianna Petry