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Lost In Fantasy
Slowly dancing around the floor of our room,
Your arms are wrapped tightly around my waist.
With soft music playing in the background,
We become lost in our time and space.

No words are spoken and none are needed,
Gentle touches speak volumes to the heart.
I feel my body tremble in anticipation,
Eager for the real passion to start.

Our hearts are full of desire and need,
Our bodies guiding each simple motion.
We both feel the pangs of urgency,
Exploring each other with sensual devotion.

I find myself searching for your sweet lips,
Just to assure myself that you are real.
I can barely retain any control of my body,
As I get lost in all the sensations I feel.

Lost in a fantasy of another time and place,
When I was an object of love and desire.
When I so eagerly wanted to please my mate,
To fill his heart with longing and fire.

Lost in a fantasy to pull me through tonight,
To remind me that I was once full of life.
How did this wonderful part of life get lost?
How do I handle a life filled with strife?

I pull out my memories and dance with you,
As my night gown of silk falls to the floor.
We mingle bodies and join our souls,
When I feel like I can't handle reality anymore.

Lost in a fantasy where I am youthful,
Where you love me and we can freely dance.
I can be anything my heart desires to be,
When I give our love a second chance.

Dianna Doles Petry