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Memories are like chains that hold us prisoner,
Chains you must escape to take a part in living.
You must let your bitter memories fly into the night,
Remember the people who have been so giving.

You can get lost in the silence of your own heart,
Lost in the what might have beens in your mind.
Sometimes you can replay the battle over and over,
Forgetting to think about those that were kind.

Life isn't always easy, in fact, it's most often not,
But if we forfeit the good things for all of the bad,
Then we end up crying ourselves to sleep all alone.
We have chosen to stay hostage to that which makes us sad.

Let your emotions run free with me today,
Free your tears and let them cleanse your heart.
I will be your friend throughout the coming years,
The small things in life can keep you from coming apart.

I offer you my river of hope to quench your thirst,
A valley of laughter to make you smile.
Close your eyes and you will see me there,
We aren't that different, I'll prove that in a short while.

Dianna 2002