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Dancing In The Moonlight

Dancing in the silver moonlight all alone,
A feeling of freedom engulfing me from head to toe.
I know that I need to get back to reality,
It's so hard to stop dancing so I can go.

Thoughts of love and passion fill my heart,
As I lose all sense of the time or place.
In my mind, I am years away from here,
In another time when I could touch your face.

I dance with the form of you, the scent of you,
Lost in the fantasy that we shared long ago.
When I stared into your beautiful dark eyes,
Felt the heat within my soul begin to grow.

Dancing in the silver moonlight all alone,
Just a memory of you to dance along with me.
My escape from the loneliness I face,
Barefoot, lost in thought, completely free.

Dianna Doles Petry
@ 2003
Image and background made especially for Dianna by Claudia's Collection