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A Mother's Tears
From the time that you were very small,
I tried to shelter you from every fall.
I held your hand as you crossed the street,
I warned you about strangers that you might meet.

I fixed you meals that would help you grow,
When you were being bullied it hurt me so!
We shared peanut butter and jelly on the beach,
I never allowed you to get very far out of my reach.

When you started high school and needed your space,
I shed tears just knowing what problems you faced.
The very first boy that broke your fragile heart,
Helped us bond when he decided he must part.

The day finally came when you moved away,
I cried a river of tears as you pulled out that day.
I knew that you had to make a life for yourself,
But I felt like the Teddy Bear left alone on your shelf.

So much joy you have given to me,
So many tears shed that you never did see.
So many worries about what your life would hold,
So many things I heard but I never told.

Today I see the young woman in you,
Standing proud and tall in all that you do.
If I cry today it's because I have come to know,
That you will be able to make it where ever you go!

Dianna 2002