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The Flag
She's waving high on the gentle breeze,
A reminder that we're all still living free.
To me, she's a beautiful sight,
Especially in the early morning light.
My father fought to keep her flying there,
While others gave their lives to prove they cared.
She's been through a lot, she's battered and torn,
In my eyes, she will never be scorned.
Old Glory is just a symbol of our American pride,
Our patriotism is known by all, far and wide.
She flies to remind everyone that we are strong,
We have stood for democracy all along.
We prefer peace, we don't like to fight,
But we'll quickly stand up for what we feel is right.
Many men and women died to keep us all free,
The flag flies for freedom, for you and for me.
There's talk of a war that we don't understand,
Of sending our troops off to far away lands.
It's not by choice but it may come to be,
If it's the only way to protect you and me.
Of Old Glory, I will always be proud,
Without hesitation, I will proclaim that out loud.
I will support my country without any fear,
My flag will continue to fly proudly right here!

Dianna 2003